Divine Dance of Unity: The Tale of Bhrigu and Ardhanarishvara

Bhrigu’s Encounter with Ardhanarishvara

Once upon a time, in the celestial realm, Shiva , the great lord of yoga, was imparting the profound science of creation to the seven sages, the Saptarishis (seven sages), by the tranquil Kanti Sarovar, the Lake of Grace. Among these sages was Bhrigu Maharishi, an ardent devotee of Shiva, eager to absorb every drop of divine wisdom.

Parvati, the divine consort of Shiva, sat nearby as the witness to this sacred transmission. As the first rays of the morning sun graced the gathering, Bhrigu, with his heart overflowing with devotion, approached to circumambulate Shiva. However, in his zeal, he walked between Shiva and Parvati, circling only around the form of Shiva, inadvertently excluding Parvati from his reverence.

Amused by Bhrigu’s single-minded devotion, Shiva looked on, but Parvati was not amused. Her displeasure was evident. Seeing this, Shiva, with a playful smile, motioned Parvati to move closer. With Parvati now beside him, Shiva welcomed Bhrigu to complete his circumambulation. But Bhrigu, determined to show his exclusive devotion to Shiva, transformed into a tiny mouse and circled only around Shiva, disregarding Parvati.

This gesture irked Parvati even more. To pacify her, Shiva took her onto his lap, merging her with himself. Undeterred, Bhrigu transformed into a tiny bird and circled only around Shiva, ignoring Parvati once again. Witnessing this, Parvati’s irritation escalated.

In response, Shiva, with profound love and wisdom, merged his form with Parvati, becoming the divine Ardhanarishvara , the embodiment of the harmonious union of masculine and feminine energies. But even this transformation didn’t deter Bhrigu. He morphed into a small bee and circled only around Shiva’s right leg.

Amused by Bhrigu’s unwavering devotion, Shiva decided to impart a deeper lesson. Assuming the yogic posture of Siddhasana, Shiva unified the masculine and feminine aspects of existence within himself, leaving no room for exclusion. Bhrigu, realizing the depth of the lesson, bowed in humility, understanding that the true essence of yoga encompasses all aspects of existence.

This story beautifully illustrates that yoga is not merely a set of exercises or techniques; it is the science of creation itself. It is the path to unlocking the ultimate possibility of every aspect of life, leading one to the realization of the divine within and beyond.

As Bhrigu witnessed the Ardhanarishvara form of Lord Shiva, he was filled with divine ecstasy and profound understanding, beholding the perfect balance where masculine and feminine seamlessly merged. Overwhelmed, he prostrated before Shiva, feeling immense gratitude for the rare revelation.

In this encounter, Bhrigu attained a deep realization of the interconnectedness and unity of all existence. He understood that the universe is a manifestation of divine consciousness, where opposites harmonize, and duality dissolves into oneness.

Deepened in his spiritual dedication, Bhrigu continued to spread the wisdom of Ardhanarishvara, teaching the profound message of balance, harmony, and divine unity to all seekers of truth. This story serves as an allegory, illustrating the insights attained through devotion and meditation, revealing the divine unity underlying the diversity of creation.


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