As a teenager, I was interested in mathematics and how the mind works. Later on I wanted to make a difference in people’s life and in their well being. I started paying more attention to the world around me and noticed how it was getting faster and busier. Too many people seemed overworked and stressed out. It turns out that like physical exercise, taking time to calm the mind has also many benefits.

13112507_964659723630534_1593080598_oI began meditating and practicing yoga regularly. It was during this process that I realized how important mindfulness is. Not just for me, but for everyone else. I started to learn the importance of living in the present moment. I changed my diet and became vegan and I created the “Positive Thinkers” group. in 2014 I spent fours months in Reith, Tyrol Austrain mountains, in the Sivananda Yoga Retreat House where I studied yoga anatomy and physiology, philosophy, nutrition, took Ayurveda and meditation courses and got certified as a Yoga instructor. During this period I deepened my practice in Hatha, Kundalini, Raja, Bhakti and Karma yoga. I felt at peace with myself and this transformed my life.


I wanted to share this with the world and this is how my mission began. Emphatic and enthusiast, I started to help people by bringing more health and wellness perspective into their lives by offering seminars and workshops related to health, well being and yoga. I am currently teaching one-to-one and group classes and also corporate yoga in different companies during lunchtime and afterwork.

My life aspiration and mission is to inspire and elevate people, to contribute to their work/life balance and make the world happier, healthier, brighter, more beautiful and loving.


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