Why Stretching?

Same as millions of people around the world, you might have a job in which you sit most of the day. Those who spend hours in one position may find their bodies starting to ache, and their posture worsening. While there are many ergonomic chairs that can help prevent such aches, stretching is an easy, cost-effective way to loosen your muscles throughout the day.

Stretching also comes with a few benefits that you might not know about. Read on to learn about how stretching can positively impact your work life, and which exercises you can do at your desk.

Stretching will refresh you.

Even though stretching takes time away from work, it can actually improve productivity in the long run. This is because it’s good to take small breaks throughout the day in order to revitalize your mind.

Stretching makes you less tired.

We all suffer from the post-lunch drowsiness. But good news: there is a cure (that’s not coffee)! Stretching increases blood flow to tight joints and muscles, something that also occurs while working out. In the past, exercising was thought to make a person more tired, but today we know that the opposite is true. Therefore, stretching can put a little pep in your step when you’re feeling drowsy.

Stretching feels good.

There is no doubt that the less flexible people of the world may find the act of stretching to be uncomfortable. But, after stretching various muscles, your body typically feels better. We also do not advise stretching to the point of extreme discomfort. You especially need to be careful when stretching in the office because you are loosening cold muscles, which are more susceptible to injuring than those that are warm.

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