Self Confidence

Confidence in oneself is the path that leads to personal development. Only those who are in harmony with themselves can be in harmony with others.

Do everything with enthusiasm and full commitment. Halfway measures lead to nothing but frustration. Get away from the belief that you don’t count in this world. Everything and everyone counts. Your opinion, your actions and skills, your thoughts, your way of being – everything has its place and significance. Only those who act with enthusiasm and passion can move mountains. Where would Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, be if he had not been so enthusiastic about his vision? Probably still and forever in his garage, where he built his first personal computer.

Replace those negative beliefs such as “nobody listens to me anyway” or “what’s the point in me saying my piece” with “my opinion counts” and “my contribution is important”. You will be surprised how this will soon confirm itself.

Hold on to your dreams. Each great discovery was once someone’s dream. Maintain your confidence and the enthusiasm of your childhood when all the doors were wide open and you though the world was waiting for nobody but you.

If you have a confident approach those surrounding you will place their trust in you and approach you in the same way. And you will notice that it is much easier to develop in a world that is confident than in a world that is distrustful and hostile. The choice is yours.


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