From India to Luxembourg : Unity Through Yoga

Gratitude, Growth and Reflection on International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day 2024 celebrates yoga’s universal appeal and benefits with events in nearly every country worldwide. The first International Yoga Day in 2015 set two Guinness World Records. Firstly, it hosted the largest yoga class with 35,985 participants. Additionally, it achieved the record for the most nationalities participating in a single yoga session, with 84 different nationalities represented.

✨ As we celebrate International Yoga Day 2024, we pause to reflect on the incredible journey that yoga has guided us through. From the bustling streets of India to the tranquil corners of Luxembourg, yoga has shaped our paths as teachers. The wisdom and beauty of this ancient practice have deeply influenced us.

Personally, yoga has profoundly catalyzed our growth and self-discovery. It has taught us patience and resilience. It has shown us the art of surrendering to the present moment. Over the years, we have witnessed physical transformations in ourselves and our students. Additionally, we have seen deep emotional and spiritual shifts.

The practice of yoga transcends borders and languages, offering a universal language of peace and unity. Whether guiding a class in Delhi, Rishikesh or Luxembourg City, we’ve seen how yoga fosters connection and understanding among people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

✨ Today, we are grateful for every soul that has crossed our path, for every shared moment of breath and movement that has enriched our lives.

Together, let’s continue to spread the profound benefits of yoga, nurturing a global community bound by wellness and compassion.

Happy International Yoga Day 2024 to you all!


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