How to beat PMS with Yoga

Don’t let PMS cramp your style when learning a few yoga postures will relieve your physical and mental discomfort, helping you sail through those difficult days each month.

Yoga postures should be learned from a qualified instructor.

Step 1: Warm up
Warm up with two or more sequences of the Sun Salutation, a series of 12 poses which boosts vitality in the pelvic region and promotes physical and mental balance.

Step 2: Stimulate blood flow
Stimulate blood flow to your pelvic area with back-bend postures such as Bow Pose and Modified Bridge. Both aid reproductive functions and reduce cravings.

Practice yoga with a calm spirit and gentle approach to reap the most benefits.

Step 3: Alleviate bloating
Alleviate bloating symptoms with the Modified Wide Angle and Supported Plow poses. These poses reduce bothersome swelling by improving circulation.

Step 4: Relieve anxiety
Relieve anxiety, which often accompanies PMS, with Child’s Pose. It massages pelvic organs, relieves back pain, and calms using slow breathing techniques.

Step 5: Release tensions
Release tensions completely in Savasana. Allow your exhales to soothe cramps and gently relieve PMS discomfort while renewing your body, mind, and spirit.

Did You Know?
Low levels of Vitamin D and calcium in women are linked to PMS symptoms.

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