How to avoid Weight Gaining in the winter

If you don’t pack on those extra pounds in winter, you won’t have to struggle to lose them again in the spring. Save yourself the hassle and stay trim year-round with these proven methods.

Step 1: Keep a journal
Keep a journal with all the tricks that helped you successfully lose weight in warm weather, like eating more fruit and salads and exercising, and adapt them for winter.

Step 2: Exercise daily
Exercise daily for 60 minutes. It’s okay to break it up into smaller increments; park further from your destination and walk briskly, take the stairs, or hop on a treadmill.

Getting out in the sun, even if it’s very cold, will give your mood a natural boost that you may be getting from fatty snacks.

Step 3: Get on the scale
Weigh yourself at least once a week to keep weight from creeping up on you.

Step 4: Journal your thoughts
Write down the pros and cons of how you felt physically, mentally, and spiritually before you lost the weight and after. You’ll begin to focus on the benefits of losing weight — such as fitting into all your old clothing and having more energy — which will keep you motivated.

Reward yourself with little gifts when you reach incremental goals.

Step 5: Eat right
Practice portion control and eat a balanced diet of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Consuming slightly more protein and less fat may help you feel satisfied and curb weight gain. Now when spring rolls around, you can dust off that old bathing suit and wear it proudly.

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